Monday, June 20, 2011

What to do...

when the Internet is down at work and you are slapped in the face with the realization of just how completely dependent you are on the Internet.

Step #1:
Find random nail polish in purse.

Step #2:
Say thank you to the petite jewel colored bottle for not breaking since you have no idea how long ago you abandoned the little bugger in the dark depths of your work bag.

Step #3:
Weigh the risks of beginning a nail polishing journey without the supporting cast of nail polish remover and cotton balls.

Step #4:
Choose to forget the time you embarked on the same path prior to a meeting and had not only red nails, but red fingers, too. Very professional.

Step #5:
Apply 3 too many coats in order to achieve an even application.

Step #6:
In effort to dry 4 layers of paint, call on your trusty space heater who has been feeling neglected since the end of spring anyway.

Step #7:
Decide the color is too dark for summer and commence picking off of nail polish

Step #8:
Remember that half picked off nail polish will look even worse than a too dark color and crappy application.

Step #9:
Spend the rest of Internet free time resisting the urge to pick at nail polish.

The end.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Throw Down

Yowza.  Today has been a real doozie.  Apparently I needed the rest this weekend gave me.  All of you who commented to that  effect were spot on. 

In addition to The Baby Pup being injured {she is limping really badly & is going to the vet}, having the most 'amazing' workweek ever{and we're only two days in}, I had to fire my dog walker for various reasons of which the final straw was her locking herself out of my house{for the 3rd time}.  A service I am paying for {walking the BP} fails to be a service of any kind when I have to leave work  several times to come remedy different situations or vigorously text while at work to make sure the service has actually been completed.  I also didn't understand our ex-dog walker's logic of her not being responsible for all three times since twice it was actually one of her staff.  Isn't she responsible for the people she employees and don't their actions reflect on her as the business owner? Hmm...

Those fun things aside, while I was waiting for the locksmith to let me into the house, I was talking on the phone with one of my family members who shared that they have been diagnosed with skin cancer.

I am not quite sure what to do with this information.  I am not an alarmist person by nature but have had more than my fair share of the horrible disease that is cancer, I do go to the worst case scenario.  The prognosis is 'good', but I generally do not categorize any cancer as 'the good kind'.  

All in all, I'm just beat down, in a rut, feeling run down by life right now.  The problem is I don't see clear steps I should take to get myself out of the rut. 

Several of you have asked about The Consultant's constant traveling and how we do it.  Well some weeks are better than others and it is kind of our 'normal'.  This is one of the not so good weeks, when I'd love nothing more than to have him home to sit on the couch with me and do nothing.  It's a hard week. 

But thankfully, tomorrow is Wednesday and if it tries to throw down with me like today, I'll kick its butt.

That's all.

From Boston With the Blues,
The Twenty-Something

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Plans Change

Right now I should be on my way home from Onset Bay, MA having finished the Escape the Cape sprint triathlon.

Instead, I am about the go for a hike after sleeping in  and making eggs and toast for The Consultant.

This week, although short because of Memorial Day, was rough.  We had a great time in Chicago celebrating with my family, then The Consultant headed off to Toronto and I came home to Boston.  Between being slammed at work and a massive two day migraine, last night I was wiped.  The Consultant had a similar week minus the migraine.  All that compounded by the fact we forgot to reserve wetsuits for sixty-ish degree water contributed to the decision to sit this one out.

Part of me has been having the following dialogue:
 "It's OK.  You're tired, busy and it is good to have a slower paced weekend. You'll actually be rested instead of trying to fit in one more thing ."

The other part of me says:
" You signed up for the race, knew when it was and didn't care enough to be prepared. You're just making excuses and threw the race fee out the window."

I don't know which conversation I believe.  Although I do know if felt good to make 2 dozen homemade dog treats last night after work instead of packing my GUs. 

From Boston With Love,
The Twenty-Something

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rooftop Rendezvous

From Boston With Rooftop Love,
The Twenty-Something

Friday, May 27, 2011

What happens when...

I go to bed at 8:15pm {which never happens, but did last night}.

  • I wake up at 4:45am
  • I feel rested and wide awake
  • I decide to go for a run
  • I head out on a loop from my house {Back Bay} around work {Harvard Square}to back home
  • Stop in at my office for a potty break
  • Decide to work for an hour
  • Run back home
  • Take The Baby Pup to the park to play
  • Head home
  • Realize it is only 7:20am
  • Do 2 loads of laundry
  • Do 2 loads of dishes
  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean bedroom
  • Furminate The Baby Pup
  • Shower & get ready for work
  • Pack lunch
  • Arrive at work early

Now, I have heard tales of the early morning productivity wonderfulness from several sources, including these crazy two who get up in the 4 o'clock hour everyday.  But after living that life through high school with swimming two-a-days  and soccer, and then for a short stint in college while rowing crew, I have opted not to, unless extremely necessary, during my adult life.

However, after my amazing morning today, I might be a convert.  The run, five-ish mile in total, was wonderful, cool temperatures and fast.  I actually didn't listen to music {not the norm for me} because it was still a little dark when I headed out and I always want to be aware of any 'stranger danger' going on.

The weekend is so near I can taste it.  I'll actually be tasting fluoride first with a trip to the dentist before hopping on a plane to Chicago to celebrate my little brother's high school graduation.  Oh Bufante, how can you be graduating high school?  You are just a baby!

Now a little tribute to Bufante, because what kind of sistoid would I be if I didn't participate in some good old fashioned embarrassment?

Bufante doesn't have his head stuck in the clouds. He prefers the sand.
Bufante make butter taste good. Bufante like butter.
Just because you are considerably taller doesn't mean anything.

Congratulations Bufante! You are an amazing young man and I can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend.  Love, love, love you. Mwa, Uhh :)

From Boston With Love,
The Twenty-Something

* What are your plans for Memorial Day?? Family, fun, BBQ?
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