Saturday, June 4, 2011

Plans Change

Right now I should be on my way home from Onset Bay, MA having finished the Escape the Cape sprint triathlon.

Instead, I am about the go for a hike after sleeping in  and making eggs and toast for The Consultant.

This week, although short because of Memorial Day, was rough.  We had a great time in Chicago celebrating with my family, then The Consultant headed off to Toronto and I came home to Boston.  Between being slammed at work and a massive two day migraine, last night I was wiped.  The Consultant had a similar week minus the migraine.  All that compounded by the fact we forgot to reserve wetsuits for sixty-ish degree water contributed to the decision to sit this one out.

Part of me has been having the following dialogue:
 "It's OK.  You're tired, busy and it is good to have a slower paced weekend. You'll actually be rested instead of trying to fit in one more thing ."

The other part of me says:
" You signed up for the race, knew when it was and didn't care enough to be prepared. You're just making excuses and threw the race fee out the window."

I don't know which conversation I believe.  Although I do know if felt good to make 2 dozen homemade dog treats last night after work instead of packing my GUs. 

From Boston With Love,
The Twenty-Something


  1. Good for you for going with your gut feeling and letting yourself relax! It's so tough to do somethings, but totally the right thing.

    Hope you have a restful weekend!

  2. You know, I bet you needed the time off more than another race medal. Tough, but sometimes that spontaneous down time is the very best. I hope you let yourself enjoy it!

  3. Sometimes you just need to take a break. Last weekend was a long weekend here in France and it rained the whole time. Instead of being upset with the rain, I took it as an excuse to rest and catch up on some serious downtime. It was heaven!


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