Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Throw Down

Yowza.  Today has been a real doozie.  Apparently I needed the rest this weekend gave me.  All of you who commented to that  effect were spot on. 

In addition to The Baby Pup being injured {she is limping really badly & is going to the vet}, having the most 'amazing' workweek ever{and we're only two days in}, I had to fire my dog walker for various reasons of which the final straw was her locking herself out of my house{for the 3rd time}.  A service I am paying for {walking the BP} fails to be a service of any kind when I have to leave work  several times to come remedy different situations or vigorously text while at work to make sure the service has actually been completed.  I also didn't understand our ex-dog walker's logic of her not being responsible for all three times since twice it was actually one of her staff.  Isn't she responsible for the people she employees and don't their actions reflect on her as the business owner? Hmm...

Those fun things aside, while I was waiting for the locksmith to let me into the house, I was talking on the phone with one of my family members who shared that they have been diagnosed with skin cancer.

I am not quite sure what to do with this information.  I am not an alarmist person by nature but have had more than my fair share of the horrible disease that is cancer, I do go to the worst case scenario.  The prognosis is 'good', but I generally do not categorize any cancer as 'the good kind'.  

All in all, I'm just beat down, in a rut, feeling run down by life right now.  The problem is I don't see clear steps I should take to get myself out of the rut. 

Several of you have asked about The Consultant's constant traveling and how we do it.  Well some weeks are better than others and it is kind of our 'normal'.  This is one of the not so good weeks, when I'd love nothing more than to have him home to sit on the couch with me and do nothing.  It's a hard week. 

But thankfully, tomorrow is Wednesday and if it tries to throw down with me like today, I'll kick its butt.

That's all.

From Boston With the Blues,
The Twenty-Something


  1. I'm sorry. I wish there was something I could say that was more helpful, but I'm sorry for everything that you're dealing with and I hope it helps just to know that your feelings are validated!

  2. Sorry to hear that! You'll be out of the rut soon, I promise! Just keep coming to your bloggy friends and we'll be reading and *attempting* to lift your spirits :)


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